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Hetal (Hay-th-ul) Acharekar, PT, MPT, CAFS, MAT

Hetal has led a distinguished career as a clinical physical therapist for the past 15 years, as a leading authority in Orthopedic and Sports injuries and is the owner of PerformanceAbove, LLC. She graduated with her Master's in Physical Therapy in 2006.

Golf came into her life 3 years ago. She fell in love with the sport after taking lessons and playing with her kids. Then she decided to blend golf with biomechanics of the body to help optimize the swing while helping prevent the most common injuries. Hetal uses a quantitative research based approach and video analysis to assess mobility, strength, speed, agility, and endurance from head to toe (Golf Performance). She then customizes a golf performance program based on the results and your goal.

Hetal's expertise is in chronic injuries, especially those of the back and hip that are associated with repetitive movement dysfunctions. Much of Hetal's work focuses on the integrative concepts of posture, stability and mobility, and how they influence movement.

She holds a Masters in Physical Therapy (MPT), Certification in Allied Functional Science (CAFS), Certification in 3-Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System (3DMAPS) and Movement Assessment Tool (MAT Level 2) Certified.


Who is appropriate for the Golf Performance Program?

The program is appropriate for anyone who wants to optimize their golf performance, get to the next level, and prevent injuries. If you have concerns about your physical readiness to participate in the workouts, please check in and get clearance from your primary physician. Feel free to email if you have a specific question or concern.

No information provided in the program, whether it be written content, video content, or face-to-face interactions, is to be taken as medical or health advice.

What does 'Schedule Now' mean?

Schedule Now sets an appointment for your initial assessment and video analysis of your swing and to discuss your goals (Golf Performance Program). We also offer tips on mindfulness, sleep, and nutrition to enhance your performance.

Why should I buy it?

Using the latest evidence-based research and clinical experience, I have pioneered a safe and effective program to enhance your performance. I customize this program just for you. My goal is to teach you how to take control of your health, improve your mobility, prevent injuries, avoid missing events, hang out with friends, and continue to do what you love without limitations!

What are my payment options?

You can pay with cash, check, Zelle, or credit card.

Please contact us to discuss payment and cash discounts.

How much does physical therapy cost?

The cost of therapy depends on what we do, and what we do depends on what you need and want. Each treatment plan is customized to you.

The unit pricing for each treatment is based on Medicare CPT code guidelines.

If you have Medicare Part B insurance, Medicare will cover 80% of the treatment options. If you have a supplemental insurance plan, the remaining 20% should be covered by that. If you do not have a supplemental plan, you will pay cash for the remaining 20% at the time of service.

For Medicare to cover your visits, you first need to have a referral faxed to us at 803-728-6875.

Not sure which insurance you have or what it covers? Call us – we can help!

For Physical Therapy, will my insurance or HSA/FSA cover this program?

I only accept Medicare. However, you will receive a superbill receipt, which is a detailed medical receipt that allows you to bill your insurance or HSA/FSA directly.

Click on the links below for your insurance company's reimbursement forms.

Don't see your insurance? Let us know at hetal@performanceabove.com and we will add it to our list.