Boost Your Golf Performance to the Next Level

A Golf Performance training program that helps you become stronger and faster.

Golf Performance programs are customized to fit individual golfers' needs. Our golfers start with a detailed Golf Performance Functional Evaluation that assesses the body from head to toe. Using video analysis and customized assessment, we examine the golf swing to determine functional limitations and how they affect the swing. Based on the results of the Functional Evaluation, we develop a customized 8-10-week program to address the identified concerns.

The initial Golf Performance Functional Evaluation is a critical component in building an individualized program and a benchmark to be used later to measure your progress!

Program goals:

  • Avoid neck, shoulder, elbow, back, and hip pain

  • Improve driver distance

  • Create awareness of good movement patterns

  • Increase club head speed

  • Make your game more consistent

  • Gain confidence with every shot

  • Prevent injuries

  • Increase your flexibility and endurance

After discussing the results of the assessment, you will receive a custom-tailored 8-10-week program that best suits your schedule and fitness goals.

Upper-body and Hip Rotation in Relation to Midline
Speed and Distance


What a great course! ... great improvements in balance, flexibility, and strength in just 6 weeks. My golf swing and shot distance and accuracy have improved substantially.

Greg DeCamp

September 2020

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