Golf Performance

Lower your handicap. Improve your rotation. Reduce your pain.



Golf Performance

Physical Therapy Clinic!

We are the only physical therapy clinic in the CSRA that specializes in golf performance assessment & training program. Our instruction is measurement-based, tested, and proven to work with golfers at every skill level, from major champions to where you are now.

We are the finest cutting-edge physical therapy clinic in the area. Our whole-body approach ensures you are equipped with the tools you need to overcome spine and hip issues. We believe every client deserves a customized treatment plan focused on individual goals, so everyone experiences the results they desire.

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After 1 assessment I could see what my weaknesses were in my body and my golf swing. I learned my hip turn had to be worked on and also my flexibility and balance. Since then with the training and the exercises you showed me I have seen a huge improvement in my ball striking and power.

  • Coach Kenny E - Golf Coach

What a super course! . . . great improvements in balance, flexibility, and strength in just 6 weeks. My golf swing and distance and accuracy have improved substantially.

  • Gregory D - Recreational Golfer

Highly recommend! I had a wonderful experience with Hetal in PT. She is knowledgeable, experienced, caring, and a pleasure to work with.

  • W Heydt - Personal Trainer

I just had an amazing experience this week with PerformanceAbove — a physical therapy center owned by Hetal (pronounced “Hay-thul”) Acharekar. Hetal is a PT who specializes in golf performance, but her comprehensive physical fitness evaluation and coaching program is useful for athletes involved in other sports such as tennis and horseback riding. My goal this past year was to become the strongest and most flexible dressage rider possible. After multiple surgeries over the years — foot, knee, wrist, and spine — I’ve had my challenges achieving all my goals. I contacted Hetal because I wanted an analysis of where I needed to focus my attention. I wanted to increase my range of motion, but not at the expense of stability. During the assessment, Hetal pinpointed my weaknesses and then developed a clear, customized program for me to follow at home. We are planning on ten weekly sessions to follow up and re-assess my progress. Hetal is a rare physical therapist — a consummate professional — along with a nurturing heart. Whether you are a golf professional or you just want to be active and age gracefully — I highly recommend PerformanceAbove. Hetal can be reached at (803) 716-8750. Her clinic is at 920 Houndslake Drive, Aiken, SC.

  • Maria G - Dressage Rider

Hetal Acharekar Golf Movement Specialist, Performance Coach, and Physical Therapist is excited to bring her more than 10 years experience to the CSRA. Looking to improve your golf game? Experiencing pain or recovering from an injury? Hetal is in a unique position to help you do all of that. Contact us today to learn how she can help you perform, play, and live at a level above!


    • A training program to help you become stronger and faster.

    • Care that works to ease pain and help you function, move, and live better.